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'Welcome to Little Miss Manifest! My name is Sian I am a International Intuitive Psychic, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Angelic Master Healer and your very own personal Law of Attraction Mindset & Manifesting Coach! I assist the Ladies and Gents of today manifest the life they desire through Angels, Spiritual Guidance, Hypnotherapy and The Law of Attraction'

''I recently enjoyed an amazing reading with Sian. Sian was 100% accurate with every message she shared. The detailed messages she shared in her reading is absolutely outstanding. Thank you Sian you are truly gifted & a beautiful blessed soul.''- Kristy

''A truly gifted talent mind blowing and a lovely person would highly recommend xx''- James

Sian first discovered the power of Manifesting and Angelic help and support after a nervous breakdown and living with severe depression. During her recovery she was introduced to the power and guidance of the Archangels, attending frequent meditation sessions, she formed a solid special connection with her Angels, Guides & Team of Light and The Universe who spiritually aided her on her journey to recovery and discovery of a whole new world of being. 

After not being able to fulfil her Full Time Career in I.T due to the aftermath of her breakdown, using the famous teachings from the best spiritual Law of Attraction Mentors & The Secret, plus trusting in her guides & intuition Sian began to offer Angel readings and manifested moving abroad to Turkey. Soon enough, Sian was delivering Psychic readings to locals, expats and holiday makers from around the world... It was in Turkey that Little Miss Manifest was born and continues to thrive! Little Miss Manifest came from Sians love of the 'Mister Men' books- Her favourite being Little Miss Sunshine, so it was only right to call her business Little Miss Manifest!

The amazing feedback & reviews flooded in, the spiritual connections to Source and her Guides really developed and clients were recommending left right and centre... Globally! Sian then was attuned to the Angelic Kingdom of Light as an Angelic Reiki Master which enabled her to connect, rebalance and bring clarity & healing to every beautiful living soul on the planet.

Since returning back to the UK Sian has gained her Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression and Mindset Coaching. Sian is also a lover of NLP & EFT and continues to teach the power of The Law of Attraction, deliver Psychic Readings and Angelic Reiki Healing globally via zoom and in person in Cheshire, UK.

You can also be inspired and keep in touch with Sian on the Little Miss Manifest Social Media Platforms Instagram & Facebook. Click the links below to connect.

''Absolutely spot on! Not only did she make me feel at ease she made me go away with such positivity''- Mandy

''Brilliant lady, absolutely spot on about everything. Her guidance and advice has helped me through a confusing time. Thank you Sian xx

Again thanks for the help and she is a brilliant lady xxx''- Laura

''Immediately felt at ease as I went in for my reading. A lovely warm person.

Fantastic reading.. it was like she’d been inside my head or in my living room listening to what’s been going on.

Deffo recommend''- Jenny

Services offered by Little Miss Manifest are enjoyed by new and returning clients worldwide. Sessions are via Skype, FaceTime or Messenger. 

  • Private 1:1 Psychic Readings
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Past Life Regression
  • Angelic Reiki Healing

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''So overwhelmed but absolutely amazed! I’ve felt and gone through emotions I didn’t even know I had. 100% will be having another reading with the lovely Sian. If your thinking of having a reading you need to go to little miss manifest highly recommend!''- Kirsty