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Signs From Above

Posted on 22 November, 2017 at 11:00
When our loved ones pass over its absolutely devastating. I believe that our Angels, Guides and loved ones send us signs to let us know they are ok but most importantly they are signs of guidance for us to stay on the right path of our highest good. We often ask the question of why? We talk and pray to them to let us know they are ok and they 110% always respond. Some of you maybe reading this and thinking 'I never receive a sign'... You do! Your ego is very good at keeping you in a place of being stuck and in a routine and especially keeping you away from spiritual signs and guidance. When you do receive a sign you either ignore it or maybe shrug it off as a coincidence ... Its all ego related and its the ego that we need to learn to shhh in able to be open at receiving and acknowledging signs and following that guidance within. How do you do it? How can you be open to receiving when you have that little voice in your thoughts to say 'nah just a coincidence' and let that hold you back. Communication is key, crystal clear intentions is key, having faith is key and having trust is key! Try this: Call upon your Loved ones, Angels and Guides for a crystal clear sign which only you would know would be a sign from them its a feeling of 'you just know'. Talk to them about your stresses, struggles, wins and achievements- They maybe not be here in a physical form but I promise you they are there in energy and can connect to you through thoughts, senses and actual signs. Once you have received your crystal clear sign and you 'just know' it was a sign, pay attention to your thoughts, don't dismiss, thank them for the sign that you have received and go forward. Its about building that connection with them and it will get stronger the more you are open to receiving and then start to act on their guidance and signs. Signs may include: Songs or music, Tingling in the ears Smells Instant thought or memory suddenly springs to mind Dreams Feathers Butterflies Change in weather A warm tingly or cold sensation around you A sign on a billboard/ Advertising stand Number synchronicities such as 11:11 22:22 33:33 or noticing a specific time on the clock or on your watch Because The Universe is unlimited so are the signs that we can receive! Unlike our beliefs and thoughts which can be limited, Angels and loved ones are in a unlimited free place. Here is to a new positive safe way of life full of loving guidance from your Angels, Guides and Loved ones xx * I can help you connect with your Angels and bring messages from your loved ones, click on 'Readings and Healing' and order a personal reading with me.

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