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The Power of Visualising

Posted on 6 December, 2017 at 10:35
This week I have really been getting back into my Law of Attraction practise. The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. We live in an abundant limitless universe and there is enough love, success, money and magic to go around. With a little bit of faith, practise and fine tuning on your thoughts and actions you too can manifest an abundant life just by making small changes. I want to tell you about the power of visualising, the imagination is a wonderful thing especially when you can use it to the best of its advantage and imagine the perfect person, place, scenario, plan or outcome. If you start to visualise the little things you deserve and want then they manifest...imagine what big things you can visualise in the future! It really is exciting stuff! Things like your perfect day, perfect partner, future diary, your perfect house, holiday destination, career, family life, make sure you detail everything in your visualisations so you actually believe its happening right now. Below I have created a list of ways to use visualisations to manifest your hearts desires. Remember be realistic in detail and pay attention to how it makes you feel! JOURNALLING - A pen and paper is all you need to journal what it is you want to manifest in your life. You can journal your future diary, gratitude lists, perfect day, detail your ideal partner, your ideal career, plan your journey to success, keep to journaling to the present moment like you already have it and its already going on in your life. You have already set that intention of believing you deserve it and journaling will help you get it! VISION BOARD - It was my vision board which led me to write this post! If you love to be creative then this is great, you can even use apps such as Pinterest to create virtual vision boards to have as your screensaver on your phone or computer. I have a pin board with magazine cut outs, personal photos, quotes and inspiring words and it includes everything I want to bring into my life in 2018. Place your vision board somewhere you can see it on a regular basis, where you can look at it and focus on the things on that vision board. I have mine above my bed so its the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing at night. Play some of your positive uplifting music and get creative! MEDITATION/ 68 SECOND EXERCISE - Scientists and Law of Attraction experts say if you can hold a positive thought for as little as 68 seconds it reprograms the brain to believe its happening- Its like an instant manifestation. This is quite difficult to hold the specific positive thought as I found doubt or some kind of negative energy crept in at first but practise makes perfect. When you close your eyes and think of the situation pay attention to what is around you in your visualisation, how are you feeling, what happens? All this needs to be exciting, positive and motivated. 68 Seconds is quite a long time to hold that purely positive thought or visualisation but keep at it then watch the magic happen. You can include this in your meditations where you can drift off then hold that thought. Meditation helps to clear your mind, bring you balance. It doesn't matter if you meditate for 10 minutes or 10 hours it works wonders to bring you clarity and meaning to everyday life. The main thing when using these visualising tool is to focus focus focus! Focus on what it is you want to manifest, focus on the detail of that idea, focus on allowing that positivity to flow through your spirit, mind and body, focus on how it feels and how it would feel if you were to be living that dream now. With the power of visualisation you can manifest anything you want!

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