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No Signs, No Problem!

Posted on 3 October, 2018 at 0:35
When times are tough or stressful so many people say 'I cant hear my Angels' or 'I've asked for signs but not getting any'. I have had ups and downs and have thought the same that my Angels had up and left me or blocked me! This is not the case, its easy to miss signs and guidance when in rut or a negative headspace because attention is going on the situation/ person or decisions are being made hastily. So really ask yourself this- Are you ignoring signs because you are wrapped up in the problem? Angels are so pure and remember they are not limited to how they can communicate with us. Its us that need to be open to any possibility! I remember years ago I never asked for help from anyone, I would rather make things harder for myself then asking for help from those around me. When I first discovered Angels it was quite hard for me to even ask them for help and to put my trust in them because I never really trusted anyone around me. Long story short I asked my Angels for help with a financial situation and trusted they would help me. A week later I was having a conversation about money etc and a family member asked if I needed help.. I said no! Because like I said I didnt ask or accept help from anyone and that night it just hit me- That person offering me help was a sign from my Angels they sent help through someone close to me. Believe me it was hard for me to pick the phone up and explain to the person what was going on but the sign was so clear and I'm so glad I had that lightbulb moment that it was an answer to my call for help. See how that sign is easy to miss! When asking your Angels for a sign or message they do respond! Look at the obvious signs first such as feathers, rainbows, butterflies, music, dont dismiss it as a coincidence. Take your time in recieving dont rush it or get impatient, build that connection, dont try and control the answer by thinking it should go like this or that because it wont go as you think! Be open to any possibility sometimes its so obvious its missed!

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