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New Moon Magic

Posted on 9 October, 2018 at 13:30
Every 2 weeks we have a New Moon and a Full Moon, the New Moon is great for manifesting whilst the full moon is perfect for releasing and surrendering what no longer serves us. Its a great alternating practise to get into and a great focal point to check in on you and your energy. I'm writing this at the time of the Libra New moon, my energy fluctuates- Some moons I'm so energetic and excited whilst others I can feel so tired, edgy and snappy. The most important thing I learnt when learning about the powers of the moon and when it comes to manifesting is to not let that energy control me. Everyday I ground and protect myself with my Angels and more so at New and Full Moons as they are so powerful. I want to focus on The New Moon and share my practise in this post as I know, clients and followers can often feel blocked and frustrated with manifesting and The Law of Attraction. I manifested a new life in Turkey, cars, pets, relationships and I do believe the moon has a big part to play in all this- I am a spiritual Scorpio afterall. So, at the time of The New Moon, I take a bath usually with Epsom salts with the intention that any negativity will be soaked up, I then sit down in a quiet space, relax and think about what I want to manifest realistically. I jot down a rough list what I think and how it makes me feel - Its amazing what you can think up and it seems amazing but when you tune in it doesnt feel right. My advice is baby steps first and make it about you, you cant interfer with anyone elses free will and be crystal clear on what you want. I personally work on 3-5 things at a time so I dont overwhelm myself. So I write out 5 things I wish to manifest, I write down beside each item how it makes me feel and include a positive affirmation which I can repeat several times a day over the course of manifesting. Its all part of visualising which is the number one tool. I then go outside under the new moon and read out what I have written, I then place the list on a windowsil inside with a clear quartz crystal to amplify the vibrations. What happens if things dont manifest? Everyday there needs to be a practise to get what you want and The Universe will give you what your aligned to. Keep repeating the affirmations everyday, revert back to your list and visualise how it makes you feel, journal about it, be grateful for what you already have. If you dont get what is on your list there is a block, thats why I mentioned about about being realistic take baby steps first and get into a routine everyday. Identify the block and release it at full moon- See how the cycle works? :-)

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