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Full Moon Release

Posted on 1 March, 2019 at 11:55
Full Moons are just amazing but they don't half play havoc on emotions! I'm writing this post just after the February Supermoon and WOW! Things, people, places, situations have been intense its important at these times to really tune into how you are feeling and where you are on your path. When you tune into you and where you are now on your path what is holding you back? What is taking over your life, thoughts and time and energy? Time is so important! Look at each item and ask yourself, is this serving me well? Is it doing wonders for your health and wellbeing? When you are honest with yourself you will be surprised by each item that comes to mind- Write it down! The present moment is the most important, maybe its the past holding you back? Your partner? Your Job? Family & friends? Money? Life can really get in the way of life and especially the life you want to live! Here is where the Full Moon, your honesty and visualisation techniques and The Universe come in! Its all about releasing, surrendering and cutting cords to replenish your energy to make room for better, bigger, exciting more positive things. Cutting cords doesnt mean you are cutting people out of your life (unless you want to) Its putting a stop to that person draining your energy. I grab a piece of paper and pen I ensure to imagine bright white light to protect my energy and write the following... ''On this day (include day & date) under this Full Moon I fully release and surrender to the following... *list EVERYTHING That is no longer serving you and draining you- BE HONEST* I call upon Archangel Micheal to sever the cords between me and the list above & So it is. Read this back out loud then take a few moments and imagine Archangel Michaels sword servering through those tough cords until there is no link to you and the items you listed. Then burn, shred, tear up and throw away the letter (Please be safe-burn it outside or in the sink near running water) Now focus on the good and positive, let the universe and Moon work its magic! TRUST!

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