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Be Here Now

Posted on 23 November, 2020 at 11:00

What a year 2020 has been! Its been one huge wake up, hasnt it?!

I really feel this year has taught us what matters in life and who matters in life, and that the most important time is the here and now. Thats all we have.

Gratitude has been my focal point and also remaining in the present moment- The past is gone and the future hasnt happened yet. Even my psychic abilities and Angel messages couldnt prepare me for 2020, the main message I received at the start of the year was 'change'- That was my word of the year! What a change its been hey!!

How to remain in the present moment:

Do you ground and protect your energy? Your energy is so precious and when you are drained of energy you feel exactly that- Drained, Lethargic, irritable, tired and anxiety is through the roof! We are like sponges we absorb what is going on around us, from taking on other peoples troubles and issues, soaking up whats on the news and radio and before you know it you cant see the wood through the trees. I always say be careful what you watch and listen to on the tv and radio as this can have a huge impact on our energy and manifesting.

Grounding and protecting is something I do every morning the minute I wake up and if I forget I feel like the above pretty quickly into my day.

I work with Angels and the first thing I do is call upon The Archangels and Archangel Micheal to protect me and my energy for atleast the next 24 hours. I imagine a bright white light coming from above my head and a white veil surrounding my being. Always thank your Angels when you ask them for any help especially when protecting you.

Next I ask them to ground me and call upon Mother Nature to ground me into the Earth. From that white veil I imagine roots coming from my feet growing down through the Earth until they reach a beautiful crystal in the centre of the Earth, then imagine that white light and roots wrapping round the crystal and coming back up again. I then draw myself and oracle card for a message to guide me for that day.

Those techniques took some time to master and remembering. These are so many other ways to learn how to ground and protect, some people use crystals, candles, some use the violet flame, meditation, yoga, exercise.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to grounding and protecting! As long as the intention is there. When Im really busy and forget to do my visualisation above, I simply ask my Angels to protect and ground me. It may not be as powerful but again, the intention is there to keep me in the here and now.

So if you feel anxious and find your mind is running over time. Stop, focus on where you are, what your doing and hold that thought. Bring yourself to the present moment with help from your Angels.

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