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Change Your Life With Hypnotherapy

Posted on 31 March, 2021 at 16:50

So recently I gained my Certificates in Life Coaching and Clinical Hypnotherapy and it can only be described as Life Changing. I used to be very sceptical, especially after watching TV and stage shows as a kid when hypnotists used to turn people into chickens or madonna impersonators (I nerver believed as there is only one Madonna who can be Madoona haha!)

So why Hypnotherapy? I am Little Miss Manifest, I preech the Law of Attraction, I live and breathe it, even in readings and healing sessions there are elements of the Law of Attracton. Part of successful manifesting to a totally different life is overcoming fears by reprogramming your Subconscious mind. In a nutshell Hypnotherapy does this! Its so powerful yet relaxing and profoundly life changing.

You have your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. All your fears, past memories and feelings are all stored deep within your Sub Conscious mind and its that what hypnotherapy tapps into and helps to reprogramme. So when you feel guilty and not sure why- There maybe something thats happened in your life, sometimes you cant even remember which is stored deep within that needs to be released.Its so so interesting!

From weight loss, quitting smoking, stress management and releasing deep rooted fears, feelings and phobias- Hypnotherapy can be used in any sense. During my training I found stuff out about myself which were deep rooted within and it encouraged me to keep going and to not give up on becoming a better version of myself. Because before training, I was giving up. I felt deflated, bored and just didnt know what I wanted in terms of going forward, I was putting on weight by comfort eating, self care was minimum, depression was creepig back in and I totally believe my Angels led me to this amazing course- to delve even deeper to release the shit and make room for the good, to open my eyes to even more exciting possibilities and to help so many more people who want to change their lives for the better but not sure how.

Theres to an even more exciting future and Ive decided Im going to do the diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy- ITS THAT GOOD!

Don't give up, you never know what light is around the corner x

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