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All services offered by Little Miss Manifest bring fun, supportive, uplifting, in-depth gentle honest guidance, insight and clear outlook of what your Guides want you to know. Little Miss Manifest works with the Law of Attraction and higher realms such as Angels, Galactic Healers, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and loved ones in Heaven, everyone and every session is different therefore we cannot control who comes through to assist! Sian is a Angelic Reiki Master Healer, Certified Angel Intuitive, Tarot reader, Psychic, Clinical Hypnotherapoist & Life Coach, who has studied and qualified from some of the world best and most respected Teachers. All services offered below are strictly confidential. By UK Law, Readings are strictly for over 18s and are for entertaining purposes only, Little Miss Manifest is not a healthcare proffessional. For any queries please E- Mail: [email protected]



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£55.00 £65.00