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Psychic Reading


Psychic Readings are live video calls via Zoom.

During this session Little Miss Manifest will deliver pysychic intuitively channelled messages from your Angels and Spirit Guides. Tarot and Oracle cards will be used to bring a loving and encouraging honest outlook into your life such as love, relationships, home life, finances, career and wellbeing and there will be time for you to ask any questions which haven't been answered at the end of the reading. Specific areas can be looked into... Remember that this is your reading so any areas that you wish Little Manifest to delve a little deeper into gaining answers then there will be time for this also. Please allow approx 1 hour for your session to last as there will also be energy healing taking place to clear any mental blocks and struggles so you can begin to work with your Angels and the Universe to manifest your best life! You will be contacted about your 1 Hour session within 24 Hours of when payment is received.

Please include your full name and Email address to schedule your session.

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