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Angelic Energy Healing

£55.00 £65.00

Angelic  Healing sessions take place over Zoom or in person (please specify) and last approx 1 hour.

Angelic clearing and Healing is the purest form of powerful energy healing sent from The Angelic Kingdom of Light, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers. The healing brings the client profound relaxation, balance, clarity on all levels from the physical to spiritual body ready to bring you back into balance and alignment with your true wants and desires. You also have the choice to give permission for any past life healing to take place during this session- This will be discussed at the beginning of your Skype/ FaceTime or Facebook Messenger videocall session.

Little Miss Manifest is an attuned Angelic Reiki Master who simply acts as a bridge to channel the highest form of healing energy from The Angelic Realms to you, the client. *Angelic Clearing and Healing is completely safe for pets, children and pregnant women

Please supply your full name and Skype/ FaceTime details.

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