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Past Life Regression

£55.00 £65.00

Past Life Regression sessions are avilable worldwide over Zoom or in person and are approx 1 hour.

Who were you in a past life? Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you have many de- ja- vu moments? Feel like you have known someone before or known them forever? It is most likely you have experienced a (or many) past lives previous to this life. There may of been experiences in certain past lives which are holdinmg you back to this day.

During the Past Life Regression you will enter a relaxed hypnotic state and you are always in full control of your mind and body. Little Miss Manifest gained her Past Life Regression with the Manchester College of Hypnotherapy & Life Coaching and was trained by Henry Maguire of Henry Maguire Councilling.

Please note: Not everyone has experienced a past life and sometime the subconscious mind will not allow access to past life. If this happens during the session then you will receive a complementory relaxation journey hypnosis session.

Past Life regression sessions are £60.

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